Pearson Bark Cards


beautiful photographic cards by Archie Miles


Photographer & author Archie Miles lives in the heart of the English countryside in Herefordshire, and draws much of his inspiration from the rich diversity of the landscape of the surrounding area.


He has long been passionate about trees, landscape and woodland, and now specializes in photographing & writing about them.


His work has been published in many books and magazines, and he often lectures about his work. A small selection of his picture library may be viewed here 


He works regularly in the UK with the Tree Council, Woodland Trust, Forestry Commission and other environmental organisations. He also worked and appeared on the BBC TV series “The Trees that made Britain” with the Kew Gardens Team.


HTOB cover

Why 'Pearson Bark?'


The joyful yelps of Scottish Terriers, running through woodland after rabbits, can only be so described - and it's a sound which has been my companion for almost 40 years now.


How could I not pay homage to my best furry friends in some way?

arch and the dogs2

If you would like to know more about the books Archie has written, click on the book image to the right....